Hi there, everyone! I’m so excited to start this blog, which was born out of necessity- just like our mix business! The more we travel around and meet wonderful people, the more I realize that there’s a real need to share what we’ve learned over the last decade about how to live gluten free (GF) or in my case, how to live with someone you love that’s gluten free. I hope that sharing everyday problems and solutions to a GF lifestyle will be a helpful tool for anyone that isn’t sure where to begin.

If you haven’t read our story on our “About” tab, get over there and take a look when you have a few minutes…in the meantime, here’s the gist of it; my husband, Doug, was diagnosed in 2007 with Celiac Disease and I swear I was more distraught about it than he was (I know, I should’ve let him process it first, before making it all about me!), but because his sister had been diagnosed a few years earlier, I knew it was going to be a huge lifestyle change.

Looking back now, it wasn’t as challenging as it seemed it would be and we’ve found a good balance over the years.  There’s still moments where it can be a real pain, like when a restaurant has a “gluten free menu” and it turns out to consist of a grilled chicken salad or a burger without the bun, meanwhile I’m feeling guilty for enjoying my gluten-full meal, trying to mask any signs of real pleasure.

Because we’ve been married for almost 27 years, I guess I’ll keep him and his Celiac Disease-ridden self…what can I say? I love the guy and his sometimes difficult but necessary GF lifestyle. I hope you learn to appreciate my sometimes sarcastic and seemingly self-absorbed humor, but let me be perfectly clear from the beginning- I understand that his health depends on him avoiding gluten and I will happily inconvenience myself any day of the week to ensure his well-being.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t ever look forward to meeting up with a friend for lunch and not having to worry about choosing a place that has a GF menu!

It is my goal to be helpful, whether it’s a new restaurant we’ve discovered or how to adjust your favorite recipe. I’d also like to be a source for folks just like me, that happen to love someone that’s gluten free and share ways as to how you too can find a happy medium. Tomorrow’s post will address where to begin!