Since starting this blog, I’ve had several people contact me with different questions about specific issues. This is a perfect forum to pose the questions that’s been on your mind and, to quote a wise, wise man (we’ll just pretend)…”the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.”

Our first question is from Lisa, in Acworth, Georgia:  “How does a gluten free person handle travel?”

This is a great question, as Doug travels quite often with his “day job”.  He encounters many obstacles that can prove to be challenging at times, but has to keep in mind that his health depends on it.  He need not apologize for being an inconvenience, especially when he’s well aware of the eye rolls when the words gluten free leaves his mouth. Let’s explore some potential problems.

Scenario #1- He’s on a 3 hour delay at the airport and the food choices are limited; he typically will go to a kiosk that sells refrigerated food, such as yogurt, mixed fruit cups, cheese sticks and such. Any (or all) of these items will suffice until he gets to his destination. He also packs protein bars, just in case…he likes to joke that you never know when you might be taken hostage!

Scenario #2- He’s at a business dinner with colleagues and has no control over the choice of restaurant. Most always, said restaurant will have steak, grilled fish, or a nice pork chop and baked potato or steamed veggies. There is that rare occasion when he just has to go with the dreaded grilled chicken salad, minus croutons, onion straws, and bread. He does admit to it stinging a little when the rest of the group is enjoying appetizers and decadent desserts, but he somehow manages with a candy bar from the hotel gift shop upon his return!

Scenario #3- He and I are traveling with AL…we’re in a strange city and have no idea what places will be able to accommodate. Hello, our old friend, the “Find Me Gluten Free” app! I will just stress that I always call before heading out. Before driving too many miles, make certain that they’re still in business, still have a GF menu/options, and that they haven’t run out of specialty GF items, like buns or pizza crust. Works like a charm every time!

Scenario #4- We’re on a road trip, looking for something quick and easy. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A are our go-to drive-thrus for lunch or dinner and as the non-GF spouse, I’m not gonna lie…these do get old after so many visits. We have been known to go through two separate drive-thrus; I strongly feel that the non-GF partner doesn’t always have to refrain…otherwise, they may become resentful- not me, of course, but others! 😉  Fast food for breakfast is either a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, without the biscuit (or bring your own ABUNDTANT LOVE biscuit from home!) or a fruit & yogurt parfait or a cup of oatmeal, but make sure the oatmeal itself is GF.

Scenario #5- One of our favorite ways to vacation is via cruising. If you haven’t inquired about this because you’re afraid you’ll be stranded in the middle of the ocean with no gluten free options, think again! Our travel agent marks our reservation with a dietary need and on the first night, our waiter is prepared with GF bread, alternative dinner choices, and there is always a dessert option! He/she will then inquire about breakfast preferences and magically, there is a choice of GF pancakes, french toast, and more waiting for us the next morning! It truly allows us to take a vacation from work and thinking about food allergies…I highly recommend it!

Okay, Lisa- I hope this answered your question and keep them coming- I love sharing our successes (and failures) with y’all. Safe and happy travels!