Hey, folks! No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, but we did get some big news in mid-June…our daughter got engaged and they want to get married on New Year’s Eve. As in, New Year’s Eve, 2017!! Needless to say, we’ve hit the ground running and I’ve gotten a crash course in Wedding Planning 101! Things seem to be under control, as we’ve got the biggies secured- the dress, venue, caterer, florist, photographer, designer, and save the dates are in the mail. Whewwww, that makes me dizzy just listing it all!

Here’s an engagement shot of our daughter, Alyssa and her fiance, Matt.

You might be wondering how we’ll handle the details of a fairly large event and keep everything gluten free for our guests that must adhere to a GF diet. Given the fact that in our family alone, we have four Celiacs, not to mention other guests we don’t know about yet, you can better believe this was a top priority when choosing the caterer.

First on the list of importance was locating a caterer that is educated on safe practices when serving GF food; this means they know that they can’t cross contaminate by way of equipment, cooking oil (if applicable), or handling of non-GF foods, then handling GF foods. Fortunately for us, one of our wholesale customers just happens to be a fabulous caterer and has actually had me come to their facility to educate the staff on safe practices and food handling…did you know this is a service ABUNDTANT LOVE provides? If you’d like more information on what this entails, please contact us today! We are passionate about bringing awareness to the food service industry, as well as the home cook and will come to your location.

GF catering can be dreamy, instead of a nightmare!

Since it would really put a damper on the big day if one of our guests

became ill from food we served them, we (our daughter and her fiance included) decided to make it impossible for an accidental mix up and serve all choices that are naturally gluten free. We are making an exception with the dessert- they are bucking tradition and having pie, instead of wedding cake- and will have a pie bar, provided by a separate vendor, who happens to make melt-in-your-mouth pies, albeit full of gluten. In a

Chocolate Pecan Pie…the star of the GF pie show!

completely separate area and well labeled, we will be offering the world’s best gluten free pies, via ABUNDTANT LOVE’s GF pie

crust. You can bet this one will be among the choices, as it is an all-time family favorite.

As you can probably tell, we are super excited for our girl’s big day and can’t wait to gain a son in the process. The countdown is officially on…144 days until showtime, but this M.O.B. isn’t counting!