We just returned from a wonderful GF event in Charlotte, where our customers asked things like, “what kind of voodoo magic is this?” and “how is it that your cake/pie/biscuits taste different from others on the market?” Our answer to that is pretty simple; first, we start with quality ingredients, we don’t add preservatives, and we literally mix each individual bag by hand. Where our secret lies is within our flour blend- we use rice flour, tapioca flour, and potato starch, which are the usual three suspects found in many GF mixes on the market. We truly feel our blend is just the right balance of each and we blend them in small batches, so that the ratios stay in balance. In other words, we care about the quality of the finished product, not just to provide any old gluten free baked good and not really being concerned whether it’s palatable or not.

We sincerely love what we do and we strive for that to come through in every bite of our cakes, pies, and biscuits. It genuinely makes our hearts happy to provide a quality cupcake for the GF child’s birthday party, for the GF woman who wants to “kiss us” for giving her the experience of enjoying a warm buttermilk biscuit again, and for the GF husband, who can now recreate his grandmother’s peanut butter pie recipe for his new wife! We are in the business of making people happy through the love of food…something they can share with everyone and that everyone will enjoy…not just the gluten free individuals.

It also brings us great joy to educate our customers, some who are unfamiliar with the GF concept and just simply want to know what gluten actually is. For others, it may be getting more familiar with the pitfalls of gluten free baking and learning what precautions are necessary for a successful outcome. We enjoy sharing helpful information, such as the latest GF restaurants in the area, local GF support groups, and the latest and greatest new product on the supermarket shelf. Some folks want to know what symptoms they should be looking for and steps they should take to determine whether there’s a gluten sensitivity, intolerance, or Celiac diagnosis. In short, we love to interact with our customers and have grown to consider them friends and family!

We understand the need to trust the company that provides food for your family and we take it seriously…we have a completely gluten free facility, with no chance of cross-contamination. It is our absolute honor to provide an experience with each of our mixes and hope that you feel the love poured into each bag!