about_photoMy name is Shannon Aldridge, I’ve been married for 26 years and have one grown daughter. Back in 2007, my wonderful husband Doug was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We were somewhat familiar with what changes would be necessary, as Doug’s sister and nephew had been diagnosed several years earlier. We are self-professed foodies and love to try new recipes at home, as well as venturing out to the latest restaurants, so this new lifestyle was a big adjustment.

Initially, I found myself buying any gluten-free mix or ready-made product on the market, only to be anywhere from somewhat disappointed to nearly nauseous! Thankfully, my sister-in-law Candy (who is so appropriately named, given her sweet tooth!) was diligent in her pursuit of a genuinely tasty baked good and developed this bundt cake recipe right in her own kitchen. Each time she served this cake, we couldn’t believe it was GF and remarked about how “normal” it tasted. This was a dessert that anyone could enjoy…no more making a less-than-yummy GF dessert and something more palatable for non-GF guests! We then agreed that it was too delicious not to share with the rest of the world and so aBUNDTant love was born!! We know you will agree- one bite and you will be hooked too!

I am truly blessed and so thankful for the abundance of love and support from my family and friends who believe in this venture,  each and every one of you!