Put The Flavor Back In Gluten Free

"Gluten Free doesn't have to mean flavor free...bring back your love of baked goods..."


Don't be stuck following the rules...when it comes to recipes, rules are made to be broken! We've compiled a list of variations we love for each of our mxes.

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Helpful Hints
The gluten free road doesn't have to be a lonely one...we've been where you are, whether GF living is new, or you've been living it for awhile, you are not alone!

See how we're loving baked goods again...

Like you, we were getting tired of the same old, boring, gluten free products, with absolutely no flavor, and a ridiculous price tag...so we made our own!

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Product Categories

Cake Mix

Do you miss regular, gluten-full cake? Just wait until you give this cake mix a try. So many variations to try, and It's so good, you'll forget it's gluten free..

Biscuit Mix

The smell of fresh-baked biscuits...so delicious...but a big no-no for the gluten free diet...until now! Try our biscuits, and you'll wonder where they've been all your life...

Pie Mix

Nothing is quite like a nice, warm piece of apple pie, with some ice cream on top...try our gluten free alternative so you can rekindle your love of pie!

Pizza Mix

It's HERE! Our newest addition to the AL GF lineup! You won't be ashamed to share this deep dish pizza crust with your friends!